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no disease should go untreated

With the right scientific approach, honesty, and transparency, we can enable our clients to accelerate drug discovery and development ultimately helping to bring new treatments to the market.


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We are what you need us to be. Passionate scientists.
Passionate. A worn-out word in many people’s eyes. Ours included. But it’s also a word that is hard to substitute. Because no other word carries the exact same meaning, vibe and message. When you are passionate about something you never quit, you push boundaries to succeed, you give everything you have. Like we do when we help our clients improve and accelerate drug development through big data and AI. That’s why we stick with it. Because it tells what and who we are and why we go to work every day.

Intomics was founded by world-leading scientists within the field of bioinformatics and systems biology to accelerate and improve drug discovery and development. We are biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists and software engineers that share a passion for translating data to cures. And we’ve proudly done so for more than 10 years.

We collaborate closely with our clients in the biotech & pharmaceutical industry, and exploit the synergy between our clients’ specific disease knowledge and our unique data analytics expertise and technology.  Together we make a difference for patients. This is both our trademark & what drives the people of Intomics.


Our mission is to enable the pharmaceutical industry to help cure diseases and develop new drug treatments more effectively using integrative bioinformatics and systems biology technologies.


Our vision is to become the leading and most advanced supplier of integrative bioinformatics and systems biology technologies to the pharmaceutical industry


science driven

“It is super cool to work in a science-driven environment because I love to know how things work”
– Alexander Holm Viborg, Senior Informatics Project Manager


do the right things – right

Sometimes the right thing is to be fast. Sometimes it is to have the best quality and sometimes to limit costs. We try to find the right balance & do the right things right”
– Morten Boll, Head of Product Development



“Trust is the basis for every interaction I have with my colleagues and our clients. I would say that we genuinely have a trust-based culture at Intomics and we take great pride in being thorough and trustworthy in the work that we do”
– Anne Bresciani, Senior Bioinformatics Project Manager



“We are not just colleagues, we are a family. We all have each other’s backs covered, like true Musketeers: one for all, all for one
– Federico De Masi, Head of External Research & Innovation

Our people

The driver of our success is our people. Dedicated to make a difference, the highly skilled, diverse and innovative minds of Intomics come together to meet client needs & expectations.

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