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To accelerate cures, we need accelerated tools.  The inBio PlatformTM combines multi-omics analysis with network biology-driven AI to massively improve data-driven R&D. It has proven to facilitate a better understanding of biology, diseases, and patients and more than double the outcome of R&D projects.

We use the inBio PlatformTM to augment our own R&D projects, and we partner with life science companies to help them develop tomorrow’s medicines using the Platform.

By pairing your data with our Interactome you can dig deeper into the biology underlying your research and extract meaningful new insights.


each of the inBio PlatformTM elements offer significant benefits and performance gains:

The multi-omics approach has proven to double the outcome of biomarker and target discovery projects. Additionally, the network medicine component was shown to be 40 % better than other platforms in discovering novel biology, according to an independent head-to-head benchmark performed by GSK.


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inBio DiscoverTM

See your data in powerful new ways.

Intelligent visualizations can help you extract more insight from your data. We have helped many clients shorten their path to important conclusions by presenting their data in a network context.

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  • inBio is by far the most powerful platform for data-driven network analysis out there

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  • inBio Discover translates a wealth of data into biological insights - in a user-friendly interface

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